Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cheers and Tears - Reaching Goals

'I was a little emotional last night. I brought flowers and wine to celebrate reaching the final milestone in my five year plan, in just two years, then had a little cry too. I had thought I couldn't really begin my business until my children were all at school. The goals I wrote down at the beginning seemed so unattainable - do a Finders Keepers market, get a professional logo, have my work stocked in a bricks and mortar store, get business cards, postcards, stamps and stickers, a banner, get a metal stamp of my logo, design and make distinct collections, do a photo shoot and look book, get an intern, make a $1,000 sale online, order jewellery boxes printed with my logo. 

I crossed the very last item off my list when the courier arrived yesterday, and I did a little happy dance. Another milestone reached, thanks to a lot of determined work, a lot of support from family and friends, and a lot of wonderful customers - without whom there would be no business. So cheers and tears to all of you for making my dream come true! When I send you one of my new jewellery boxes, I hope you feel just how special it is. xx'

I wanted to share this Instagram post here because this is where it all began. The creative community I met through this space encouraged me to turn my hobby in to a business and supported each milestone I reached. I want to send everyone that had ever visited this space a huge thank you!
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