Wednesday, October 7, 2015

'maze & vale'

I am so attracted to artists with a strong and recognisable aesthetic, where you really feel the work they are producing is so honest to their creative self. Which is why I am so attracted to the work of Leslie Keating of 'maze & vale'. Leslie is a multidisciplinary artist in which each aspect of her work is informed by the rest. From surface design to screen printing, softie making to quilting, to works on paper with pen and water colour, Leslie's use of muted hues, subtle variation, organic and geometric shapes, and natural materials is reflected in each piece she turns her hand to. I find those tones, moods and patterns so very appealing and have watched with fascination as Leslie's work and business has grown with such fluid grace. 

Leslie's latest achievement is a collection of 100 original works on paper exploring the medium of water colour. These abstract and expressive works are so tantalising, I could not resist adding one to the picture rail above my bed. Thankfully Leslie has enjoyed the challenge of producing a work each day that she has continued with the practice for the next little while at least, so if, like me, you are a fan of her work, go and follow her on Instagram and snap up a painting as soon as she lists it, as they don't last long! If you do miss out, the rumor is she will be producing prints of some of these pieces soon. Fingers crossed!!

You can find Leslie's blog here, to see more of her talent at work.
Or stalk her style on Pinterest.
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