Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Meredith Woolnough

 'Meredith Woolnough's elegant embroidered traceries capture the delicate beauty of nature in knotted embroidery threads. Through a delicate system of tiny stitches she creates intricate and complex openwork compositions that are then carefully pinned in shadowboxes, just like preserved specimens. 
The work maps the frameworks of the various veining systems found in nature to create work that explores the balance, harmony and connectivity of life on Earth. Inspired by the patterns, structures and shapes found in plants, coral, cells and shells Meredith's embroideries represent both the robust beauty and elegant fragility of life.'
- From Meredith's About page

Meredith Woolnough's work appeared in my Facebook feed recently as I scrolled though the usual articles, photographs and updates. I followed the link and was first struck by awe at the stunning details and general beauty of her work, a feeling that was followed closely by a pang of jealousy. Not the green eyes monster variety of jealousy, but of the variety that enables you to recognise a successful maker and encourages and inspires you to keep going. Keep making. Keep expressing yourself. And who doesn't cherish such inspiration? Who doesn't wish to gaze at the tiny stitches that create such 'delicate beauty' and mirror those efforts in their own life.

So many more amazing stitches in Meredith's Gallery.
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