Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Aiming High For Business Success

It's a week of meetings this week. Photographer, intern potentials, marketing and graphic designer meetings. I've been flipping between my 'maker hat' and my 'manager hat'. I'm looking at the future direction of the business and creating action plans. Working out where my time is best spent and where I can bring in other people. Getting my head around letting go of some parts of my business, while remaining the designer and creative director of the whole. Anticipating ways I can grow my business while staying true to my vision. My brain is bursting with ideas and excitement!

I am so pleased to be surrounded by such creative and talented women, whom I consider friends. By combining our skills and talents, Christina Lowry Designs is going to become the best jewellery designer, manufacturer and retailer in Australia. 

Watch this space!

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