Friday, March 11, 2016

Lately - Happy Days

Lately I have been investing my time in to a new website that combines my shop and blog, appreciating the gentle transition from a humid Brisbane Summer to a rainy Autumn, seeking out tell tales of that change, spending as many hours at the bench as I can around a toddler with a tummy bug and a newly minted four year old full of 'character', while also working on custom orders and training my new intern. (My oh my, how long a tummy bug can last and how much character one four year old can have!)

Meanwhile I have missed my much loved blog and the opportunity to take photographs just for the sake of it. Though I love faffing jewellery and directing photoshoots, my first photography love was capturing everyday moments. Just for the joy of looking, noticing and capturing. As in the photos above. Mushrooms found among the grass in our back yard. Four year old feet ready to jump from a cubby house. The first sprinkle of yellow leaves amidst the rain indented soil. I am looking forward to pointing my camera at more beautiful and mundane moments, and sharing them with you while I snuggle back in to this safe, warm space and share my musings, inspirations and creations.

Ah, happy days indeed.
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