Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Stash...

You would think I would have ironed it first, wouldn't you?
I am lowering my head and looking at my feet and making excuses...
"Well, it is Sunday after all..."
"A print this gorgeous doesn't suffer from not being ironed..."
"If you squint you can hardly notice..."
Lush by Erin Michael for Moda in all its un-ironed glory.
Don't you love the paint by numbers and these colours? There is no question about my love for this fabric. The only question is, is there any more of this line in Australia...
Come and play with us and show us your stash.
A fabric stash, yarn stash, sticky tape stash, or whatever.
Let Tam know you are playing so we can all come and visit.

Kirstin La Flamme has created the most beautiful thing I think I have seen made from this fabric.

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