Friday, January 15, 2010

Skinned knee, silly me...

"I'll just carry Cohen into the water over these rocks."
"It looks slippery, want me to go first in case?"
"Um, oh, it is slippery. I think I am going to fall."
"Don't be a big sissy mummy, go on."
(Slip, splash, owwww!)
"Oops! Oh look, there is sand over there and no rocks."
Thank you for the sisterly encouragement, you know who you are...
At least I went first, saving you from slipping and falling into the water while holding my son.
My knee has stopped bleeding thank you, though the first thing hubby said when he got home was,
"What happened to your knee?"
Sore knee aside I laughed so hard when I realised the rock that Cohen had been holding in (jazz) his hands ready to throw...
... actually fell down the back of his neck and sat in his collar, hiding there until he took his hat off.
Ahhh, sweet funny boy with your sand, rocks and seaweed, how you make me laugh.
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