Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flea Market Finds...

This lovely cabinet was once a 21st birthday gift to a woman from her future husband.
For some sixty years this cabinet lived as a glory box - home to the special linen and the good crockery. Until, unable to fit into a room of a nursing home, this dear little cabinet sat beneath an old quilt, in a shed, until moving day.
Then this dear little cabinet was given to us because I love old furniture.
She has seen better days, although her position in the garage and the flash I needed to use on this rainy day are not the most flattering. I was just so excited to share her with you. Isn't she beautiful? Look at those original metal handles and that etched glass!
I wonder was she originally intended to be a bar? The top lifts back, the doors beneath it perhaps to store glasses? The door of the next compartment drops down like a writing bureau and beneath it sits another draw.
Today I am going to clean off the dust, wasps mud nests and cobwebs and rub in some furniture oil. Part of me loves the colour and another part of me would like to take to her with white paint, but I am afraid it would be a bit sacrilegious.
Either way, I can already imagine her in the guest bedroom, home to an heirloom dinner set and other special bits and pieces. I will share some more pictures when she has settled in.
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