Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Right now...



It's a strange and foggy morning today, after the smokey days and hazy skies of late. Asthma puffer by my side as I type...

There's last minute wedding crafting going on in these parts, of the 'happy hanger' variety. Though mine look a little different and I'm not sure why.

While picking up one last ball of white yarn for the hexagon blanket, all yarns were 40% off. I brought an extra eight balls for a baby blanket. I'm thinking a ripple.

Cohen now has a toy Doctor set, complete with stethoscope and syringe. It's amazing watching his imagination unfold and his understanding growing through repetition. He has been checking the health of his favourite toys or calling out 'Doctor Doctor' before listening to the babies heart beat or giving me a needle, then rubbing my arm better. My sweet little Doctor.

Five sleeps until the wedding!


And don't forget, the Spring Sale in my shop ends tomorrow.
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