Thursday, July 12, 2012

Surprise Packages

Labour of Love

A cold is doing it's second round of our household presently. Cohen's spirits remain high, though I have been feeling rather miserable and poor Emerson is comforted only by being held. Everywhere there are tissues. The weather is overcast and rainy. Making for quiet, pyjama clad days indeed.

Yesterday the postman left a brown box on my door step. Inside the kraft paper there was most certainly a book, though which book I could not say. I only knew that Kylie mentioned she'd sent me a gift. I wiped a nose, settled a baby, made a cup of tea and extracted the contents with anticipation. I was not disappointed. I have long admired Kylie's taste and sense of style. Though strangers in real life, we have been reading each others blogs the past three years. She has chosen for me perfectly.

'Labour of Love: Knitting patterns for treasured girls,' by Danish knitwear designer Vibe Sondergaard is full of special knitting patterns. The following three are among my favourites. Sweet, feminine and not too childish, each knit would surely be a treasure.

Thank you Kylie! I am looking forward to knitting something for you in return.

Labour of love

Labour of love

Labour of love
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