Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mamma Bella

mamma bella top

When mamma bella put a call out to nursing mothers to trial one of their breastfeeding tops, I was keen to be involved. After six months of feeding Emerson, I'm quite sick of the sight of most of my feeding-freindly-clothes. I tend to wear button up dresses, or tops with a singlet underneath, so that I can feed comfortably anywhere.

I received this alpine green feeding top, the Auyama Tunic, in the mail from mamma bella. I tried it on instantly, showing my husband and sister, to their approval. I was uncertain how clothes designed for breastfeeding would actually work and look. But I found that it's flattering to my current body shape, the zips are invisible and make discreet feeding possible without having to wear a singlet underneath. The band around the waist can be pulled down so the top can be worn as a tunic (even while pregnant.) I prefer wearing it on my hips and will wear it with a skirt or jeans. It's perfect for smart casual Summer wear. The fabric is lovely and soft.

I wore it out for the first time to the library yesterday and received a compliment from my neighbour. I really like the colour. I'm usually drawn to darker tones, but this is a new colour for me. It makes me want more deep greens like this in my wardrobe.

Many thanks to the lovely mamma bella Mums, Helen and Enza!
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