Saturday, September 15, 2012







It's good to have Dave home. We are all feeling a little under the weather though, so we won't be venturing far. However, there is much to do. There's laundry liquid to be made. There's a bunch of mint picked from the garden sitting on the sink. It will be washed and hung to dry for tea making purposes. There are home grown lemons from my sisters mother-in-law to be juiced and made into cordial. There is silver beet ready to be harvested, blanched and frozen. I made this silverbeet and potato gratin recipe last night, with a home cooked roast chicken, gravy and bread rolls to celebrate Dave's return, and it was a success.

It's a glorious Spring day here today. We've been out in the garden this morning. Cohen has been making mud pies as I weeded, planted seeds and seedlings, staked tomato plants and covered them with bird netting. We try to get out in the garden while Emerson takes her morning nap, then she joins us and supervises from a blanket on the grass, or in her pram. We've been eating strawberries straight from the garden and rinsed under the tap most days and Cohen loves to look for the ripe ones. The hills hoist is almost full with a weeks worth of Dave's clothes. I'm making a beef and a vegetarian pie for dinner tonight, I made the fillings yesterday. In the quieter moments I will be knitting the cozy and reading the Country Style magazine that arrived with yesterdays post. 

And of course, wiping little noses.

What plans do you have for the weekend?
What's the weather like where you are?
Do you have any silverbeet or orange recipe suggestions?
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