Monday, September 17, 2012


bunches of silverbeet
Harvested silverbeet

rainbow silverbeet
Replacing those harvested

beetroot and spinach
Spinach and broccoli seedlings

laundry liquid
laundry liquid
Much like the first batch

The warm Spring sun shone on my back as I planted seedlings in the garden this weekend. Spinach, broccoli, silverbeet, watermelon and beans. Each bundle of roots gently tucked beneath the soil with a bit of hope. The potential of the season is unfolding and I have big plans for my veggie patch as I work towards relying more and more on the garden for our food. 

While the to-do list never really ends, crossing things off is it's own satisfaction. It's especially rewarding when the task involves something home made or home grown. Already, the food we have harvested is making a difference to our grocery bill. Changing to cloth nappies and home made laundry liquid has also left more money in the budget each week. These savings have been going back into the garden, buying seeds and plants, seed raising soil, seaweed fertiliser and bird netting. A much wiser investment for the future than disposable nappies and commercial cleaners I think.
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