Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yarn Along

I borrowed my sister's copy of The Diary Of Freida Kahlo when I was last visiting. I was first introduced to Frieda's work while in high school and there has been a place in my heart for her ever since. Her strong self portraits, her convictions and cultural legacy, her incredible life story. The pages of her diary are full of beauty, inspiration and sorrow. I have been dipping into them little by little.

Yarn Along

Yarn Along

Knitting means always learning. Each project presents new challenges to the novice knitter. For instance, I recently discovered that some knits can only be worked in solitude and silence. Distractions are the enemy of such projects. They can not be knit in the car. I can not watch a movie, or even listen to a podcast, while knitting them. They do not appreciate you putting them down to answer the phone, change a nappy, or remove a Christmas ornament from a babies mouth. I have learnt the hard way that mistakes are complicated and tedious to fix in lace patterns. This the Imogen Cowl has taught me. The most complicated and beautiful pattern that I have attempted in my two years as a knitter. I may have overestimated my skill in taking on this project.

Still, it is with anticipation I greet those quiet moments of solitude that allow me to add another few rows to the cowl. Two sleeping children by day, a sleeping household at night. Two rows here, three rows there. This shall be a slow project. I hope as I work that the repetition and practice builds my skill. Perhaps by the time the cowl is almost complete I shall be able to knit it with less focus than is currently necessary. Regardless, there is a strong sense of satisfaction that comes with each new row added to this piece. There is a certain type of joy that comes from making something with your hands and surprising yourself. 

What are you reading or knitting?


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