Saturday, March 2, 2013

Stitch. Read. Covet. Blog.

Stitch: Another rainy day and the beginning of Autumn have me thinking about woolens for Winter. I do like this cowl, both pattern and colour. I'm yet to knit a cowl...

 Read: Readers have long made wonderful subject matter for artists. A quick google image search is quite revealing. There is a romance about these images. I can't help but wonder if modern artists will document our current relationship to reading, using technology like laptops and e-readers instead of paper, as artists in the past have? And will they have any of the romance of those beautiful old paintings?
Covet: As a fan of both polaroids and Instagram these yet to be released cameras make me feel a bit wanty.

Blog: I've long been a follower of handmade romance and I love seeing Evie's wonderful and varied creations. From bearded men brooches to kitty cushions, circus dolls and hand drawn porcelain pins, Evie has a wonderful aesthetic all her own and creates items that will be cherished. Her photographs and illustrations are eye candy indeed. She has also recently completed a month of illustrations.


This post has not been sponsored in any way. The above are genuine items/people/blogs that I am loving.

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