Saturday, April 13, 2013

'Hello Darling' - New In the Shop

Hello Darling
'Hello Darling'

The initial sketch and the completed crocheted design

Pinned out on baking paper and cork, then painted with PVA glue

Ready to be sent for casting

Hello Darling

Hello Darling
My attempt at jewellery modelling

From sketch book to crochet, casting to finished piece, this pendant has come to life. 'Hello Darling' is a combination of my love of craft and silver-smithing. This necklace has been designed with craft lovers in mind. The piece is elegant and unique. The beauty lies in the contrasts between the delicate nature of the original crochet and the strength and durability of silver.   

The perfect addition to you favourite outfits, from a Peter Pan collar to a boat neckline, the 'Hello Darling' necklace will flatter and adorn throughout the seasons.

The final piece is the culmination of several steps. The process began with paper and pencil. I had in mind to saw pierce the design from a sheet of silver. Rie suggested trying to crochet it. After a few attempts I arrived at a crocheted version I was happy with and decided to have it cast and made into a necklace. This persented several difficulties that required creative thinking. In order to give the silk thread strength and set the shape, I carefully painted the piece with PVA glue after meticulously pinning it out. Once dry, I sent this still delicate piece off for casting. The casting company came up with a plan with me, as to the best way to make a mold of the thread and burn it out, then fill the cavity with molten sterling silver. This raw casting arrived with the courier and it took a full day to clean it up, polish it and finish the final piece.

This has been an experimental process, and while it has drawn on my experience as a crafter and jeweller, I've never married these two skills in this manner before. Each step was exciting and nerve racking, challenging and rewarding. I was filled with nervous excitement opening the parcel from the casting company. I was thrilled that the raw casting was better than I had anticipated.

I'm taking orders for this piece now, so that they are ready in time for Mothers day. I am also working on a shop update of approximately ten handmade pearl jewellery pieces which will be released by the 1st of May.
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