Thursday, April 18, 2013

On my bench



On my bench at the moment is the growing collection of pearl jewellery for the Mother's day shop update. There is also some large gemstones I'm considering for my next collection - Citrine, Madagascan quartz, Ametrine. The white box sitting on top of my sketchbook holds all my packing supplies - old knitting patterns for wrapping, envelopes, scissors, washi tape, pens, business cards and the like - so I can pack sales for postage in my studio, or bring the box upstairs to package them up when the kids are in bed. 

Those cream coloured seed packets are how I keep my stock, and works in progress, organised. The details and prices of everything in the packet are written on the back, a quick sketch of the design, the name and price go on the front, while all the necessary pieces are inside. The dish at the front there is home to metal off cuts, which always come in handy. When I get too many they are melted down again. 

What does your bench or desk look like at present? What are you working on? Is it neat, or messy? How do you keep things organised?
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