Friday, May 31, 2013

$4 Wall Art DIY

I've been working on a simple, colourful DIY art work for our dining room this morning. I'm so pleased with how it has turned out! I wanted something quick and in-keeping with our space. Not too precious, but fun and handmade. I had been looking at framed screen prints for this wall, but there wasn't room in our budget after our kitchen renovations. Instead I came up with a thrifty alternative using cut coloured paper, which gives a similar look, for the sum total of $4!

I decided on a tea theme, but you could really make this your own with any sort of silhouette or design. (We've had a rainy, overcast morning, so I apologise for the washed out photos.)

$4 wall art DIY
$4 wall art DIY

I picked up the large piece of white paper at a news agency for $1, and the book of coloured construction paper from a discount variety store for $3. Alternatively, you could buy the paper in individual sheets from the news agency for about 50 cents an A4 sheet. You could also use scrap book paper or recycle printed paper - like maps or sheet music.

$4 wall art DIY

Sketch out your design on a spare piece of paper, lay it over the top of a few pieces of your chosen construction paper and cut out the design. This saves time, as you don't need to trace out the design several times, and keeps the shapes uniform. If you aren't confidant about drawing your own design look for simple shapes you can trace from children's drawing books and magazines, or Google silhouettes of your desired shape and print them out.

$4 wall art DIY

Play with the colour and layout until you are happy with the result. Initially, I had in mind to create a tea pot and four cups. After cutting and playing, my outcome was quite different, and I added an extra cup and saucers to the overall design.

$4 wall art DIY

You aren't limited by the size of your paper. To create the tea pot I cut the components separately and tucked the handle and spout under the body of the tea pot when I stuck it down.

Stick down all your pieces, grab some blu-tac and hang your masterpiece.

Stand back and admire it!

$4 wall art DIY

When the budget allows I intend to frame my DIY art work. I'm also thinking of adding some floral designs to the cups and teapot using a white pen. In the meantime I have some colouring in to do with my little ones. 

If you have a go at making your own cut paper wall art I would love to see! 
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