Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bloggers Block? Ten ideas to make your own




I have found that the immediacy of social media sometimes encourages bloggers block. And while I love the little bursts of words, images and inspiration afforded by the likes of instagram and facebook, blogging has a beauty all of it's own. It's the difference to me between a snack and a meal. Between waving to a neighbour and sharing in conversation with a friend. Thus, I've come up with a list of ten blog post ideas that you can make your own should bloggers block strike. Whether you are new to the world of blogging, or you just feel a bit stuck after blogging for awhile. These ideas are fun ways to challenge yourself and look at things, and write about them, a little differently.

Unusual souvenirs - do you collect special little items when you travel? Perhaps you have a collection of teaspoons, or a bowl of sea glass, from the different places you have been? A journal stuck with leaves? A box of bottle tops? A jar full of sand?

One year ago today. Ten years ago today. One year from now. Ten years from now - choose one, or muse on all four of these time frames. What was happening? Where were you? Where do you see yourself? What has changed?

My favourite recipe - Why not photograph your favourite home cooked meal or baked goodies next time you are in the kitchen and share your special recipe with your readers. From simple biscuits to gourmet pasta sauces - I'll bet you have a specialty that you love to cook.

Things I love about this season - from Winter soups to hot water bottles, sun hats to swimming pools, faded leaves to cloudy skies, new blooms and full moons.

My holiday essentials - what wouldn't you leave home without? I know my journal, a book and my knitting are usually the very first things I pack and everything else gets packed around those items. I would be lost without lip gloss and a water bottle too.

Five books always on my bookshelf - are your shelves stacked with classics, stocked with crafty books or full of romance novels? Which books will you always keep, no matter what? What makes you love them so?

Scenes from the weekend - keep your camera handy and create a visual diary of your weekend. Let the pictures do the talking.

Your co-incidence story - Nearly everyone has a coincidence story, you may just have forgotten. Have you ever had one of those strange moments when you realised that your best friends Nana lived on the same street as your Nana when they were growing up, in another country? Or found someone you know now in a photograph taken of you years ago, before you knew them? I love coincidence stories!

Gratitude list - a simple act of acknowledging the people and things in your life that make it what it is. Create a list of things that you are feeling grateful for on a particular day, or during one week. Look back at a time in your life and think about what you were most grateful for at the time. Write a list of kind deeds done by strangers. Compile a list of all the things about someone you love that you are grateful for.

Image mosaic - flick back through your instagram, flickr or blog and look for recurring themes and then pull them together. Perhaps there are several photos of coffee cups? Maybe you take pictures of where you are standing? Or maybe you have quite a collection of images of windows? Pop over to Picmonkey and create a mosaic of them. A grid of nine different coffee cups tells a new story. A mosaic of the same pair of shoes in six different locations begins another story. Pairings of new and old windows create interesting juxtapositions. Don't forget to say a little bit about what drew you to these subject matters, or simple date the photographs to show the progression of time.


Go forth and write! 
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