Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kitchen Progress

1. Cabinets in and plastering in progress, 2. Doors and drawers on and a make shift bench top from chip board, 3. Hello kitchen island bench (and our old microwave), 4. Stone bench tops!, 5. Subway tiles in progress, 5. Grouting completed!

The past couple of weeks it feels as if our lives have revolved around having our kitchen renovated. From leaving the house with the kids for a week while the demolition and installation of the cabinets took place, to living in the house for a week with two children and no kitchen. From washing the dishes in a bowl in the bathroom sink (which then clogged!), to only being able to cook in an electric fry pan. From keeping the children out from under the feet of the tradesmen, to cleaning up after said tradesmen. 

I can honestly say I underestimated how disruptive and stressful this period would be. Thankfully it was well and truly worth it. There are still a few finishing touches to be made - a few handles to be attached, a few electrical fittings to be completed, the sink waste to be attached, a new blind, some open shelves, a plate rack, stools for the island, floor boards touched up where the old cabinets were - but the big things are done. And very soon I will be cooking, baking and jam making in my new, lovely, white, dream kitchen. Hooray!

And while it may not interest anyone else but me, I will be posting images for prosperity in the least, once the kitchen is all finished.
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