Saturday, May 18, 2013

Stitch. Read. Covet. Blog.

Stitch: I love these wings so much that I would wear them myself - to a costume party, of course... They are on my list on things to make for my little people too. You can find a free pattern here.

Read: The latest addition to my book shelf is this volume of inspiration and beauty, A Place Called Home. With practical styling ideas and advice like, "Paint your front door a bold colour that calls 'hello!', I recommend keeping your eye out for this beautiful book by Mr Jason Grant. I am thinking our door would look great painted red. Does your door say 'hello!'?

Covet: I can see these Ouchflower tassels in my house. I love them. Yes yes, I covet them. Even just one of them would be a sweet and unique addition to a room, yes? (Or better yet, twins!)
*Family, please note the addition of these to my birthday wishlist. Thank you in advance.

Blog: There are some blogs I follow that I pop in and visit from time to time, and other blogs that I click straight to whenever I see a post in my reader. Ivy Nest is such a blog for me. Tania's blog is a beautiful, humble slice of domestic loveliness. As you scroll through her posts you can well imagine the scents of baking bread, homegrown roses, and fresh linen on the clothes line. Tania writes with a real genuineness and welcoming tone, to the extent that I often feel as if I have been invited in and taken my place along side her, knitting in hand, as we chat about our children, veggie patches and baking. Ivy Nest is a collection of memorable moments, creative projects, garden journal and honest musings, supported in no small way by Tania's eye for colour and design, and her know-how with a camera. If you haven't stumbled across Tania's blog yet, you are in for a delight.


So dear readers, what have you been stitching, reading, coveting or blog-loving lately? Leave a comment below so we can share in the goodness.

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