Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yarn Along

Yarn Along

Yarn Along

In the mail - Country Style magazine and Pia Jane Bijkerk's new book Little Treasures: made by hand (a Mother's Day gift to myself)

The sight of that second ball of yarn up there has been putting me off this blanket. Another 200 grams of wool once I've finished the ball I'm on. All those stitches. All that time. All that purple. 800 grams in total. I want to make it large enough to fit a single bed, but that last ball has me procrastinating and dreaming about casting on socks. Or a baby cardigan. Or anything...

I am a product knitter - I realised when reading about process knitters recently. I knit for the end product. And I love this pattern, and the yarn, and the colour. I can't wait to cast it off and let Emerson start using it. I shall probably continue to over think the addition of that ball of yarn until I get closer to the end of this ball, then decide - to join or not to join?

In terms of reading, I'm procrastinating on 'Cloudstreet' for bookclub as well. I kept anticipating the plot and realised I knew some of the characters names before they were introduced. It dawn on me that I must had read this book some time ago. I flicked ahead, but the trail ran cold. Clearly I didn't finish it the first time I read it. Since this discovery it has been sitting next to my bed, much like that extra ball of yarn. Luckily Country Style arrived in the mail...

What are you knitting and reading?


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