Monday, July 1, 2013

A quick shot of inspiration

tiny happy, Nicole, grace,
Constanca Cabral, danni, Jenny Addison,
SurrendrDorothy, Grace, Marie's Shots

For a quick shot of inspiration click over to flickr. Type in a term that interests you - for instance 'brooch'. Click on the first image that really catches your eye, like the tiny happy brooches above. Click over to their user profile and click on the favourites tab. Scan your eye over their collection of favourites and click on the one image that really stands out. Continue as above and uncover a beautiful and surprising collection of inspiring images.

To share a mosaic of your gorgeous finds, click over to this mosaic maker. Copy and paste the HTML code from each of the flickr images (the rectangle and arrow icon), create your mosaic, pop it on your blog and share a link in the comments! I'd love to see where your trail leads you.

PS. Super excited to see my kitchen on Design*Sponge!
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