Saturday, July 27, 2013

Doll House DIY - Before

Doll House before
Doll House before
Doll House before
Had you told me, prior to having a daughter, that I would be planning to renovate a dolls house. And that I found perusing and purchasing the intended furniture and accessories for said doll house quite exciting, I most certainly would have laughed. Such things would not have fitted with the image I had of myself. Funny the power motherhood has to transform one. It is with unabashed glee though, that I am here to inform you that this darling, well loved dolls house is to be my next project. A gift from a friend, saved from her childhood. A slow burn project, as I intend to give the finished product to Emerson for her third birthday - which is still a year and a half away. I'm thinking that that is a good age for her to appreciate and enjoy a doll house, and not just chew on the entire contents?
In the meantime I am looking forward to stripping it, re-wallpapering and re-flooring it and adding brought and DIY'd furniture and accessories. Already I am feeling incredibly inspired by the fantastic creativity and ingenuity Max employed while decorating a similar style doll house
So, here are the before photos. I hope to be referring to this post again in the future when I reveal a sweet, finished doll house for a gorgeous three year old.
You just never stop learning about yourself, do you?
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