Friday, July 19, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight - Iliska Dreams

I thought a few fun questions would be a lovely way to get to know the people behind the blogs and shops that sponsor my blog (thus enabling my knitting and handmade addiction). My next guest in the 'Sponsor Spotlight' chair is Julie from the blog Iliska Dreams. Her blog is place of personal reflection, celebration and raw honesty. She is gifted with the ability to sew the most fabulous skirts, to pull off stunning red hair, as well as the ability to express emotions that many of us struggle to put in to words. Not to mention, she has the most gorgeous little boy Jarvis. So please welcome Julie, and do pop over to her blog for a visit and a little chat.

When I began my blog... In August my blog will turn one. I began it after having my second child. I felt as if I had stepped into such an unknown world. I wanted to stay at home with Jarvis as I did not get that opportunity with Tamika. However, there was/is a major sense of isolation. Woman my age were becoming grandparents, and here I was nineteen years later with a new born. I discovered my first blog not long after Jarvis was born and I felt like I had stepped into another world. 
Women with voices and women with talent. Eden from edenland was the first ever blogger/blog post I read. Sophie from Cirque Du Bebe, was the second blog I discovered. I know, I must have been living under a rock to have never heard about blogs. But these two women inspired me to have my own voice.

When looking for inspiration I... Have a shower, my mind relaxes and then becomes filled with ideas. My other place of inspiration is the garden. Digging, turning the earth. Usually inspiration takes me to a new space – I feel excited, humbled and happy.

If I were a character in a novel, I would probably be described as... Erratic, contradictory, passionate.
I then asked Tamika and her answer was (this is a direct quote from her text) “The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. You stress and talk really fast, but sewing calms you down.  And you are a little kwerky and weird, but that is what is interesting about you.”

If I were not a Stay at Home Mum I would quiet like to be... I would love to be a documentary photographer. I have always had a fantasy about traveling to third world countries, and to be take images to raise awareness. As a female in a first world country I take so many things for granted. If I could increase consciousness in first world countries and raise funds to improve the education, and in some cases make education available for females in Third World Counties I would be a very happy person.  
I have a small goal/idea happening in the back of my mind with this dream. I will not travel and leave my children. Not yet. But my blog travels all around the world…. Maybe I can use the ramblings of my mind for some good?  Stay turned, working this idea out was on my list of Ten things to do before I turn 45. Yes, I would love any suggestions and advice.

Many thanks to Julie for supporting my blog this month.
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