Friday, July 12, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight - Inked In Colour

I thought a few fun questions would be a lovely way to get to know the people behind the blogs and shops that sponsor my blog (thus enabling my knitting and handmade addiction). My next guest in the 'Sponsor Spotlight' chair is Sash from the blog Inked In Colour. Her blog is home to touchingly beautiful photography, honest sentiments and thought provoking posts. So please welcome Sash, and do pop over to her blog for a visit and a little chat.

When I began my blog... I was the mother of a newborn Bo. She was as tiny as she was all consuming. I started right at the very beginning of her life, I moved from an old blog that I used to write during my travels and I started a fresh page. Inked began as more than just a record of Bo’s life, it began as a place for conversation, a place to build relationships and networks. A place to build a village… because it really does take a village, doesn’t it?

My blog is all about... parenthood, politics and living life with both eyes wide open.

I secretly love...  to curl up on the couch with a trashy movie and a big cup of hot chocolate. Ok… it’s really not a secret.
The first thing I would grab in a fire... my child, obviously and then my laptop/external hard drive… all those photos!
When looking for inspiration I... read. I always find inspiration in the pages of books.
My favourite season is... spring. Warm days, cool evenings. Perfection.

As a Mother I... have the greatest responsibility. To help grow and nurture and shape a person who is as kind as she is strong, who is as compassionate and community minded as she is self reliant, who is as gentle as she is fierce. The greatest responsibility, the greatest gift.
Before I was a Mother… I was an insatiable traveller. I lived a wayward life between here and there, dancing on the beaches of South Asia, drinking the deep curries of India, walking with frozen feet in Canada. I was searching for something… I was searching for myself. I’m still pretty insatiable and I’m still searching, it’s just now I’m doing all that with a little human along for the ride.
I find time to write... very late at night. Is there any other time?

Many thanks to Sash for supporting my blog this month.
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