Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yarn Along

You can never trust a knitter. They have the best intentions. They make promises. But yarn is a temptation that they can not be trusted with.

After committing to Emerson's blanket and working on it monogamously until it was finished, I told myself that I would do the same for my Larch Cardigan. Yes indeed, I would get it finished and worn this Winter. It felt like slow going knitting 5ply wool, after working with 10ply for so long. But I persevered. I overcame my fear of the 'wrap and turns' the pattern called for, which had lead to my procrastination in the first place. With the body almost complete, and only sleeves and collar remaining, it was looking good for the Larch. But my resolve wavered. The Cascade Ecological wool Greer sent me was wound and waiting expectantly. A short Ravelry browse revealed the Twin Leaf Loop pattern. And, well, you can't trust a knitter...
While I wait to get a copy of my book club book, I have been reading Becoming Jane Austen. I am thoroughly intrigued so far, as Jon Spence sketches in the family tree and details the fascinating snippets of family history that lead to Jane's financial and social positioning. While the subject matter risks being dry and boring, it really is anything but and I am looking forward to delving further in to the book.
What are you reading or knitting?
Joining in with Ginny.
Ravelry notes here.
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