Monday, July 22, 2013


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maleney dairy
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Despite grey, heavy clouds, we ventured to the Sunshine Coast hinterland this weekend. I love driving along the ridge before heading in to the heart of Maleny.

We shared in our children's joy as we toured the Maleny Dairy, and more than once I wished I wasn't lactose intolerant. (Real cheese and butter, how I miss you!) I loved poking around the farm. Cohen feed chickens, a goat and a calf and watched cows being milked. He was fascinated by the machinery and followed closely behind the tour guide, all ears. Emerson simply pointed at everything, played peek a boo and reached out to touch as many of the people in the tour as she could manage from the safety of the sling.

We headed back to the car with a bag full of cheese and milk just before the rain began to fall.
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