Sunday, August 18, 2013


Ice block weather! #earlyspring #brisbane #happykids
"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013." Che and Fidel.
Cohen and Emerson: My favourite photo taken this week. My two little loves, sitting together, enjoying the early Spring weather with an ice block. I even love those grubby thong marks on Cohen's feet and the band aid marks on his knees - two more signs of warmer weather!
My heart has been so full of love this week. Two days ill in bed gives you perspective and appreciation, and serves as a reminder about the important things. Nothing like a tummy bug to make all the other little nuisances disappear! I held my little ones longer and sat with them more often in the aftermath. Soaking up the sun in the garden. Reading extra stories at bedtime. Patiently answering Cohen's pressing questions after lights out each night. I wish I could hold on to this perspective and not only gain it fleetingly.
My highlights this week are watching Cohen and Emerson water the veggie patch for me as I potted up some self seeded tomato seedlings. Cohen showed Emerson how to fill up her small watering can as he filled up his. She followed him as they made several trips from tap to plants. Back and forth, back and forth. And just too cute for words. Also, Emerson has started really interacting with her doll and pushing it in it's pram, cuddling and kissing it and telling off (squealing in frustration at) Cohen when he interrupts her games (most notably when he is "fixing" the doll - hitting it on the head with a toy hammer.) After raising a little boy, the differences between he and Emerson continue to surprise and amaze me. And make me laugh.
What are your highlights for this past week?
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