Thursday, August 22, 2013

Made By Hand - Link Up

'Made By Hand' is a weekly creative show and tell, with an aim to foster community, conversation and inspiration.
My aim is to craft a life of homemade, home grown happiness.
So, what are you creating right now? Join in by leaving a link below.
It feels as if everything has changed this week. New doors have opened, exciting opportunities await, new routines are being made. The Morning Tea I went to on the weekend really had a profound impact on me and the way I work. Previously, everything else came first and my jewellery work came second. Once I had everything else (children, house, food, garden, family etc.) under control, and if there was any time left over, I worked at the bench creating pieces for my shop. And, as we all know, house work is never finished and life always gets in the way. I did manage to schedule some time for my work, but it was never very consistent and was generally reliant on my husband looking after the children. I felt that this was the way things would continue until Cohen went to school, then I might have a little more time, then when Emerson went to school I would be able to work in my studio full time - but that would not be for another four years. In the meantime it seemed I would have a clean house and not a lot of time at the bench.
I kept musing on Clare's questions after the event. What was my dream and where did I want to be in five years time? What three things could I do this year to help get closer to my goal? I thought about my priorities. I kept coming back to the five year question and felt that in five years time I could have a clean house, or I could have a successful business. It really hit home. I decided to schedule three days a week as my jewellery days, or work days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and create a routine around them. On those days I ensure that only the bare minimum of house work needs to be done and that working at the bench is my focus.
Being a stay at home mother to two little ones, I want to ensure that there is enough balance and interest in the children's days and weeks that spending some time hanging out in the studio with me playing Lego and play dough isn't an issue. Mothers guilt was another thing that had been standing in my way. But my children won't suffer from spending time amusing themselves. (I remember many days from my own childhood drawing and sewing in my mothers sewing room while she worked on commissioned dresses and costumes).We break up our days by playing outside, going to the park and baking. There is still play group, trips to the library, soccer club on the weekend and play dates. But my time, my work, my creativity, have come in to the focus as a priority too. It's a great feeling. And while it is still early days and the excitement is yet to wear off and the routine to take hold, already each day that I have spent making jewellery I have been as productive as I would usually have been in one week. Two weeks work in two days! I know I am repeating myself, but I am so very glad I went to that morning tea!
Whave you been making this week?
What's been inspiring you?
Leave your link below!
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