Thursday, September 5, 2013

Made By Hand - Link Up

'Made By Hand' is a weekly creative show and tell, with an aim to foster community, conversation and inspiration.
My aim is to craft a life of homemade, home grown happiness. 
So, what are you creating right now? Join in by leaving a link below.

Larch in progress
Progress is (s l o w l y) being made on my Larch cardigan.

Lately I've been pondering creativity, inspiration and ways of working. We all have different ways of working and I couldn't say I understand how anyone else works. I can only talk for myself, and even then I am still learning. This is what I know so far. I tend to have bursts of creativity, where I can't sleep at night for all the thoughts that are circling in my brain. At these times I keep pen and paper next to my bed so I can jot things down, so my brain can stop concentrating on them, and I can try to sleep. At these times I am utilising every chance I get to write or draw. I grab every idea I can, while I can. I'm constantly thinking over the ideas. Over-thinking the ideas in some cases. This flurry dies down and is replaced by the work. All the notes I've taken, all the sketches I've done, all the images in my mind are worked in to new projects. Sometimes another flurry of creativity is not far behind. Other times I am anxious less it never returns. But these times of busy inspiration, followed by lulls in which to create, are how I work. This pattern relates to everything from jewellery design to renovations, knitting to blogging, gardening to market preparations.

What I have learnt is that creativity needs nourishment and that nourishment can come from unexpected places, completely unrelated to your work. Taking the time to nourish your creativity might look like you aren't working, when really you are. It might take the form of reading classic literature or watching popular movies. It may be a holiday or having friends stay. It might be blog hopping or going for a walk. And more often than not in my case, the key to nourishing my creativity seems to be by having a second creative project, like knitting. A second project that I'm committed to forces me to step away from what I'm doing and give it some space. It gives me a chance to use my hands in a different way and achieve a different type of creative satisfaction. The repetition of knitting creates a mind space with room for creative flights of fancy which often lead to another flurry of creativity.

What worthwhile ways have you found to nourish your creativity?
Do you work in a similar way, or completely differently?
What have you been making this week?
Be sure to leave a link below.

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