Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spring cleaning rewards - DFO


Yesterday, after spending the morning at a Prep open day with Cohen, I was feeling a little emotional. It's bittersweet to imagine him going off to school next year. I'm going to miss having him as constant companion on my daily adventures. So, rather than go home to the dirty dishes, I decided to reward myself with a spot of retail therapy at DFO Jindalee*. Both my little companions were only too happy to attend to a spot of shopping with the promise of hot chips afterwards.

I had my heart set on some new home wares to freshen up the house after Spring cleaning - surely another cause for reward. I found a new clock to replace the broken one on my jewellery bench, a dear little sleepy owl vase, a wooden person figurine and some washi tape (not officially home wares, but who could resist?) from Typo. I was pleased to chat to the lovely man behind the counter about the Cotton On Foundation, and donated toward educating children in Southern Uganda. I love it when big business has heart!

While wandering around Adairs Cohen's energy began to flag. One perceptive sales assistant came to the rescue with a page of stickers for him to choose from. And new towels came to my rescue. Recently, one of Dave's work mates came to stay and I was embarrassed to have to offer him a beach towel for his shower. It was a choice between a beach towel or a kids towel. The rest of the towels were in the wash. It has been our first Winter without a dryer and we have been managing quite well. I had been feeling rather smug about being dryer-less until that point. So it was certainly time for some new towels.

It was my first visit to the Jindalee store and I was quite pleased with our shopping adventure. I managed to park right next to the entrance, there is a wide variety of stores with genuine discounts, the nappy change facilities were clean and user friendly, all the staff we encountered were lovely and the waitress at the Coffee Club even gave Cohen and Emerson complimentary baby chinos. It was a lovely break from our usual day to day and on the drive home I was blessed with two sleeping children. 


*This post was brought to you by DFO, but my opinions are my own. DFO is a well known destination for leading Australian and International brands at up to 70% off. DFO Jindalee is located at 16 Amazons Place, Brisbane. Open 7 days, 10am - 6pm. You can find their website here and they are also on facebook.

A big thanks to DFO for the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for the next few months. 
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