Thursday, November 14, 2013

Made By Hand

 Made By Hand
'Made By Hand' is a weekly creative show and tell, with an aim to foster community, conversation and inspiration.
My aim is to craft a life of homemade, home grown happiness. 
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I feel as if I am on repeat lately. I'm still preparing for the Finders Keepers market (two more sleeps). I'm still knitting the same baby sweater (for baby number three) - one sleeve and the neck band to go. And I'm still struggling with the nausea and exhaustion of early pregnancy. I fear the next project I have in mind involves a lot of repetition as well. A hand knitted blanket for the baby, in the tradition of Mama made blankets. Cohen has his crochet ripple blanket, from before I learnt to knit. Emerson has had two hand knitted blankets, after the unfortunate felting incident... This time around I have my eye on this gorgeous pattern. Though I fear I may be setting my sights a little too high in terms of skill, time and concentration. To knit, or not to knit? That is the question.

Do you have any favourite special baby blanket patterns?
What have you been making this week?

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