Friday, December 27, 2013

Preparing for the New Year - Decluttering

Holiday projects - a new photo gallery in the hallway! It's lovely to finally have some family and holiday images gracing our walls. #onlytooktwoyears #goodthingscantberushed #hardtophotographinahallway #photogallery
A finished holiday project - a photo gallery in the hallway

I quite like the chance of a clean slate for the New Year. Tying up loose ends, preparing for the year ahead and decluttering the 'stuff' that accumulates in the home. Being organised reduces stress, and with Cohen beginning Prep next year and a new baby due in May, I am especially mindful of staying organised and calm this year! So I am focusing my attention on book lists, uniforms, business goals, and decluttering these next couple of weeks. I remember reading in Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project, that instead of more storage, perhaps what we need is less 'stuff'. It's so true. But not just by getting rid of lots of our stuff, bringing less stuff in to our homes - which is something I have been more mindful of in 2013 and will continue to strive for in 2014.

I've made myself a decluttering list that I am crossing off as I go.

Children's Bedrooms
Bathroom cabinet and drawer
Pantry and fridge
Under the kitchen sink
Laundry and linen closet
Clutter collection points - on top of the fridge

I made a start the day before Cohen's birthday, by sending him off to the park with his Dada while I sorted out his bedroom. It seemed a little overwhelming at first. All those small toy parts, piles paper and craft projects. Armed with garbage bags and a time limit, I planned to be ruthless. I had to be, with his birthday the next day and Christmas only a couple of weeks after that, and the influx of toys that accompanies both. Quite quickly the mess was tamed and two garbage bags were filled with rubbish and one with toys to be donated. A clean room with a place for everything. What a great feeling of relief and satisfaction when the job was done. Cohen was particularly pleased, as like most five year old boys he does not enjoy cleaning his room and seeing that I had cleaned it meant he was off the hook.

Now to the rest of the house... Oh, it can seem quite overwhelming when you look at it as a whole! Despite cleaning every day, despite being quite house proud, despite simplifying our shopping, clutter accumulates, the pantry becomes a mess, bits and pieces get deposited and forgotten atop the fridge. My handbag and car seem especially prone to attracting 'stuff' since having children...

Will you be joining me in decluttering?
How do you do to prepare for the New Year?

There are some great decluttering resources online.
A room by room guide to what to toss.
10 Creative ways to declutter
Declutter 101
Decluttering is not your final answer - bringing less in to your home
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