Saturday, January 18, 2014

Custom Make - Etched Memento Pendant

A very special custom order I've been working on. Tiny little angel baby foot prints etched in copper and being turned in to momento pendants for his parents. This is the first stage of the etching process- transferring the image to the metal. The surroun
Transferring the image to the copper plate in preparation for etching.
Step two of the etching process, the result after the acid bath and after removing the resist. Achieving the right depth is trial and error. I prepared five plates so that I could use the best two. Leave the metal in the acid too long and the resist gets
The result - two tiny, detailed foot prints.
Step three - cutting the disks from the etched copper plates and sterling silver, drilling holes in the top of each disk, stamping letters and metal stamp, polishing, adding a jump ring and then soldering. Next, the finished pieces... :) #handmadejeweller
Cutting out the disks, then filing, stamping, drilling, emerying and polishing.
Finished! Custom order etched memento pendants for a Mama and Papa of an angel baby. His will be on leather, hers will be on a silver chain. Hers has an added opal bead to symbolize bubba's birth month. I'm so proud to have been asked to be a part of crea
The finished pieces for Mum and Dad. His will be hung on a piece of leather, while hers features an opal bead to symbolise bubba's birth month, and will be worn on a silver chain.

Being a sentimental kind of girl, I think one of the things that initially attracted me to silver-smithing was jewelleries ability to hold meaning. Beyond the monetary value of a piece, much jewellery has a secret life of meaning understood by the owner. The family history behind an heirloom engagement ring. The pearls you wore when you were married. The brooch your Grandmother wore on special occasions. The garnet ring you brought on holiday. Jewellery is imbued with the kind of meaning that not many other items are afforded. And time adds more layers to that meaning.

I was honored to play a part in creating a pair of special and meaningful pendants recently - mementos of an angel baby which feature photo etched footprints taken at his birth. I hope these beautiful reminders become keepsakes full of wonderful memories, as they are worn in the years ahead. 
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