Thursday, January 23, 2014

New in the Shop - 'Fields Of Green' Ametrine Pendant

'Fields of Green'

When I added this beautiful and unusual gemstone to my collection I knew it would one day become a pendant. I sketched several different ideas before I understood that what was called for was a simple, elegant, modern setting which highlighted the wonderful bands of colour and the clarity this gem possesses.

This gorgeous piece is a work of art between nature and craft and deserves to be worn often, whenever the mood strikes. Casually layered with several chains and charms, or strikingly hung above a plunging neckline, this little luxury will add glamour day or night.

This solid sterling silver pendant is one of a kind piece and was handmade by Christina Lowry. It features a 17 x 13 mm Emerald cut Ametrine in a four claw setting, attached to a solid Sterling Silver 45cm chain.

Now in the shop.
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