Thursday, February 13, 2014

Eight Good Things

Making 'design your own beads' for a customer. They are still available, just email me the colours you'd like and I will put together a couple of pieces, send you a photo to choose from and add them to the shop. Five beads and a sweet hand printed calico
'Project Life' up to date. Tick. :) #projectlife #memorykeeping #photoalbum
Interested in starting your own Jewellery business? Looking for work experience or time at the bench to get a Jewellers apprenticeship? I am looking for a jeweller intern, in the Brisbane/ Logan area, to clean up castings and help out with an expanding bu
These pieces are all off to their new homes tomorrow! And with that, all the orders are up to date. :) #vintagesewingpatterns #tiedupwithstring #instasmithy
There's a bit of this happening right now. It's been far too long. #knitting #larchcardigan #slowburnproject
Special mail - My beautiful @paravent print, by the tremendously talented Kylie Hunt. Love all the beautiful packaging details too! #artprint #paravent #ilovemail
I spent today designing and planning my new market display while my lovely new intern, Didi, had her first day here. (Thanks to everyone who applied. I hope to be able to offer more places in the future). This afternoon I tried my hand at woodwork and sta
Gatherings collected on our wanderings today. Finding beauty in the side streets and on the footpaths. Inspired by @petalplum #gathered #nature #collection

1. Making custom orders for birthday gifts
2. An up to date 'Project Life' album - I love seeing our weeks come together like this
3. Cheeky workshop assistants
4. Brown paper packages tied up with string - la da de da dah
5. Tea and knitting - always always a good thing
6. My gorgeous print by the talented Kylie Hunt of Paravent - and her equally beautiful packaging
7. Learning new skills and making the first part of my table displays for Finders Keepers - my first ever attempt at wood work and I loved it
8. Gathering and foraging in the side streets and on the footpaths on our daily wanderings

What are your Eight Good Things today, or this past week?
Leave a comment or make a post and let me know! It's a lovely way to take a step back from a busy day and notice the little things - the little moments you might otherwise over look, and savor them.
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