Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Right Now

Feeling grateful for naps. This parenting business is hard work, particularly after a sleepless night, three days of pregnancy sinus and two early rising children tormenting each other since 5am. Yes, thankful for naps indeed. #wholeheartedjournal
Feeling so inspired by Jennie's beautiful, organised creative space, after catching up with my 'creative brains trust' at her gorgeous house today! @alittlevintagedoll @paravent @yardagedesign I'm part way through overhauling my studio and I can't wait to
A cat, two kids and a packet of modeling clay = enough time to cast on a baby blanket. :) #happyweekend
Home in time for the courier today! Which means all orders should be up to date and ready to be posted on Monday. :) #castings #silversmith #instasmithy #instajewelrygroup #thesentimentalcollection
Home alone with two sleeping children; time to knit and drink peppermint tea. Indeed. #knitting
I've spent a lovely, quiet evening with my sketchbook, gemstones and pearls, after visiting the trade Jewellery Fair on the Gold Coast this morning with my intern Didi. I brought a beautiful black Tahitian pearl, which you can expect to see made up in to
1. Oh, the beauty of a napping child. 2. A peek at Jennie's inspiring studio.
3. Modelling clay for the win - sort of. 4. More orders and stock for my shop.
5. The bliss of tea and knitting. 6.Designing new pieces.

Knitting: Working on my scarf and the newly cast on baby blanket, which I will share on Wednesday.

Pleased: To have my lovely husband home after four days of solo parenting. While he explored Sydney with his father and took in the baseball, I discovered that easy meals, long bath times with lots of toys, and simple crafts, were the best way for a pregnant Mama to manage a five and two year old on her own.

30 Weeks Pregnant: After a thyroid and tertiary scan, I can tell you that all is well. This little one seems especially strong! If you see me double over in surprise, you can bet it's from a swift internal kick or punch from my little boxer. After 9 pound 4, and 8 pound 11 babies, the sonographer confirmed that this will be another big baby. Though my bump already feels huge, I know that the next ten weeks is going to make an even bigger difference!

Learning: That while modelling clay will entertain and amuse a five year old for longer than expected, despite several warnings a two year old is still likely to taste a little/ a lot, as soon as your back is turned. Said modelling clay will not digest in the two year olds tummy, and will instead come out again, along with the rest of the contents of their tummy. 

Listening: Still enjoying picking my way through the back catalogue of the 'Stuff You Missed in History Class' podcast. Frida Kahlo! Sei Shonnagon! The Fitzgeralds!

Awed: To have held a $750,000, award winning, pink diamond ring at the JAA Jewellery Fair. It was absolutely stunning. The design. The workmanship. The rare stones. Still, the mind boggles.

Excited: By my lesser priced, but so beautiful purchase from the Fair, a 12 mm Baroque black Tahitian Pearl.

Inspired: By the pearl and the Fair to pull out my collection of gemstones and pearls and spend a quite evening sketching designs and writing up job packets for future pieces of jewellery. 

Happy: To have found a nice balance at the moment, between work, family, and little moments to myself to knit and blog.

Grateful: Every day for my beautiful, healthy, happy children, family and friends. One can't be reminded often enough to be grateful for such things.

Wishing: I could magically weed and turn the soil in my veggie patch, so I could plant out a Winter crop. But this dear bump of mine will not allow the physical labor necessary to achieve such a thing, and I am yet to convince my husband...

Wondering: If you caught my week of guest blog posts over on the Bespoke zine blog.

Doubly excited: To introduce a new series of 'Meet the Maker' interviews I've been working on, on my blog soon. Stay tuned for a lovely selection of Australian makers, from textile designers to fine artists, ceramicists to print makers, doll makers to knitters. 
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