Sunday, March 2, 2014

Welcoming Autumn


Already the mornings are cooler and I am welcoming the change of season after a particularly hot Summer. I've always been more of a cardigan and rainy weather girl. (The next change of season will coincide with the birth of our baby.) These coming months I am looking forward to squeezing behind my bench for as long as possible, starting a knitted blanket for the baby and making more time for reading.

Somehow the days and weeks feel even shorter since Cohen started school, and the demands never ending. So I am choosing carefully how to spend my time, and recording the little moments that otherwise get lost in the flurry of the days, and reminding myself not to rush.

Yesterday we welcomed the new season with two picnics. The first, lunch beneath a beautiful tree at a Gem Fair. The second, dinner in our newly finished cubby house.

How did you welcome the change of season?
What are you looking forward to this Autumn?


I have submitted my application for the Brisbane Finders Keepers market in July. Now to keep my fingers crossed for the next three weeks that I will be accepted. It was such a great experience in November, and I have been hard at work creating new stock and a new display especially for the market. Cross your fingers for me too?

Have you come across Jodi's blog, Practicing Simplicity? It is always a beautiful place to visit, and for the next three months you will find my store as a sponsor, and you might even spot Jodi wearing one of my creations. :)
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