Monday, April 14, 2014

Delightful Things - A List

Sometimes, when life is troublesome, or pregnancy emotion is getting me down, I've found that writing a list is the perfect cure. It could be a list of reasons to be grateful. A list of big and little dreams. A list of ordinary objects. Today, it's a list of delightful things. 

Won't you join me? Find a blank page and your favourite pen. Leave the page open as you go about your day, and keep thinking of things to add to the list. It's a lovely way to be mindful, think positively, look for the lovely and be open to the delightful things in your world. 

Leave a comment, create your own post, or snap a photo on instagram and tag it #delightfullist, so we can come and visit.

Sinfully simple scones with homemade Rosella jam for afternoon tea. #bakingisgoodforyou
Custom made 'Afternoon Tea' beads are still available for $26 including postage. Just email me a list of colours you like and I will put together a few designs for you to choose from! Each set comes with it's own stamped calico drawstring bag and is gift
Couldn't resist a 32 week bump shot. :) #baby3 #32weeks #twomonthstogo\

Delightful Things

A brand new bar of soap - all the better if it is natural and handmade
Fresh sheets, still smelling of sunshine and grass
An empty washing basket - delightful and satisfying
Two sleeping children and a cup of tea
An unexpected parcel in the mail, covered with stamps
Little children holding hands - gets me every time
A single ray of sunshine striking out of a mass of clouds - like something from an old oil painting
A toddler picking you flowers
Homegrown fruit passed over the neighbour's fence
A pile of new books from the library - oh, the possibilties
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