Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Finished Custom Made Piece

I love the opportunity of working with a client to produce a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewellery. The collaboration of ideas is always interesting and surprising. I recently completed a a piece which is both a pendant and a brooch, using the client's unusual South Sea Pearl - with an interesting family history all of it's own. 

The scope of the design was quite broad. Something more than a simple bail, that works with the organic shape of the pearl, and includes saw piercing. Inspired by the providence of the Thursday Island pearl, I researched the pearling industry in the area and the history of the island, as I sketched design possibilities. I came across a flower native to the region and incorporated it in to a couple of the design. Below is the sketch of the piece the client chose. She requested the textured finish too, which I think really completes the piece so beautifully and helped create the gentle dome that hugs and protects the pearl.

I'm so pleased with how this piece came together, and how striking it is when worn. It's wonderful to be able to bring such a unique pearl out of storage and into the world as a small wearable artwork.

A finished custom made piece that I designed and handmade for a client's South Sea pearl. It's a pendant and a brooch, and I'm so pleased with how it's turned out. :) #handmadejewellery #instasmithy #instajewelrygroup #pearl #customorder

If you are interested in discussing a custom made piece, or in finding out about a quote, please feel free to email me, christina-lowry@hotmail.com
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