Friday, June 13, 2014

New in the Shop

'Vector' Cuff Links

These 'Vector' Cuff Links have been designed to be worn with crisply ironed shirts with beautiful French cuffs. Equally at home with suit trousers, chinos or jeans, these rustic cuff links add a touch of earthy warmth for work, evenings, or weekends.

A great gift idea for Father's Day, but equally lovely for your corporate darling, male or female. Ladies can rock the Annie Hall look with these cuff links, a black vest and a handmade tie. 

Designed by Christina Lowry, these Gemstone 'Vector' Cuff Links are laser cut and engraved in Luan ply wood, and backed with silver plated cuff link fittings. Approx. 2 cm at their longest point. 

Available in three designs - Emerald Cut (Rectangular), Round Brilliant (Round) and Pear Cut (Tear drop).
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