Saturday, December 13, 2014

Celebrating Beauty

A cool over cast morning and a cup of tea and a sleeping babe make for a lovely moment too dive in to Pinterest and potter about from one page to another, absorbing the visual feast that is available and pinning those pieces that make my heart flutter. It's a wonderful way to discover new artists and click your way to their portfolio and explore their work. Each of these jewellers has such a strong and cohesive sense of style, so I like to call such internet wanderings 'research' rather than just 'play' or 'procrastination'.

I like to think of all the hours of work that went in to each piece, and all the hours before that learning and practicing. I like to think about the materials, how they were sourced, the techniques the maker employed on them, the value or lack of value in an item before they incorporated it in to their work. And I like to think about some one owning each piece, wearing it and loving it, like a visual extension of self - for don't we want the jewellery we wear to say something about ourselves? Perhaps that we have simple tastes? Perhaps that we have wealth? Perhaps that we support handmade? 

Or perhaps just that we celebrate beauty where ever we find it. 
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