Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ten Good Things

Poincianas in bloom, flaunting their red blossoms and scattering them like rich carpet.

The imagination and honesty of a two year old.

Baby wearing - I can't think of a better place for my six month old to be than in my arms or in his sling, his head close enough to kiss. This third child is missing out on none of the cuddles.

A five year old's joy at taking a found nest and tiny blue egg shell to school for show and tell.

Parcel delivery drivers who are funny and kind.

Handmade ornaments with hand prints, glitter or drawings.

Old ladies who stop to tell me how beautiful my children are.

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and Kewpie mayonnaise. Nom nom nom...

Lightning storms that thrash and pour throughout a yoga class, and remind you how small you are in the universe, in a good way.

Family Christmas traditions.
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