Thursday, February 12, 2015

A love of letters

As a child I had a calligraphy set. Perhaps you had one too? Sheafer, I think, from a book store. It came in a box with several cartridges of ink, three different nibs and a plastic pen that they screwed in to. I spent hours and hours writing all manner of things, on any paper I could call my own. I felt incredibly grown up, writing in fancy scripts and copying ornate letters. I wanted to write everything with a calligraphy pen once I was an adult.

I remember my 'Aunt' (my parents friend) had a writing desk in her beautiful home, and she always wrote with a calligraphy pen. I thought it was the ultimate in style and luxury. I coveted her collection of thick envelopes, smooth paper and bottles of ink. She was a role model to me in so many ways and I still feel her influence in much of my day to day life - from my love of hydrangeas; which grew by her front door, to our trips to boutiques stocked with handmade treasures. From my love of handmade soap; which her bathroom was never without, to my love of classic style; which she pulled off effortlessly in my memories of her.

Funny how much things change and how little things change, as I take another calligraphy class and use my nib and ink to sketch in my beautiful new sketchbook.

What did you love as a child that you still love now?


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