Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A List Of Goals I'm Working On

As February hurries on, I wanted to take a moment to post and reflect on the goals I set for the year, as well as my current progress. Thus. keeping myself accountable and sharing a little of what goes on in my head and behind the scenes in my business. There are four major projects on the burner this year.

Goal 1: Workshop

One of my ambitions this year was to teach a workshop and impart knowledge and skills to other makers. I have spent so much time learning, skilling myself, and I wanted a way to share those skills with others. I approached BrisStyle with the idea of teaching traditional Pearl Threading, and they were really excited about it.

Progress: The workshop is this Saturday (there are a few tickets left) and the kits are made up! I'm finalising the written instructions and resource list, and I shall be baking a cake the night before. I'm really excited about sharing a wonderful crafty morning with a group of creatives, while drinking tea and eating cake and getting to know more about the group.

Goal 2. Two Collections 

My goal for my store this year is to create, photograph and launch a March and August jewellery collection, consisting of at least 12 pieces for each.

Progress: I've designed the first collection, which will feature a selection of pastel gemstones set in white gold and silver. The first few pieces have been started and are in different states of progress - from ready to be cast waxes, to ready to be set rings. There are still more pieces to make before my deadline next month, when I have a photographer, model and location lined up to shoot the new collection, before releasing it online! Between working on the pearl threading workshop and crafting custom made pieces, I will be cutting it fine to fit it all in, in time for the shoot! (You can sign up to my newsletter to stay in the loop on.)

I've also started designing and researching the second collection I have planned this year, which will be launched in August. My next step forward is a range of wedding rings, both his and hers. I aim to have my everyday wear collection in The Sentimental Collection, the above mentioned Coloured Stones Collection, as well as the wedding ring collection. I already plan to follow it up next year with an Engagement Ring Collection. (Think Art Deco, diamonds and sapphires.)

Goal 3. Finders Keepers 

I've loved the few markets I have done since really starting my business. But when I was planning for 2015 I decided against doing all but one market this year. I wanted to focus my time and funds on developing the two new collections. Also, given that I have an eight month old, a two year old and a six year old, and I work from home without childcare, trying to build up enough stock and fit in regular markets is rather difficult right now. Instead, I am am concentrating on creating custom client pieces and my new collections, while slowly building up my stock levels, so as to apply for the November Brisbane Finders Keepers.

Progress: I have employed the lovely Didi, who was once my Intern, in helping me in this department. She is working on finishing and polishing some of my designs from her home jewellery bench, after clocking off from her other jewellery job. I love that we still are working with each other and have an excuse to catch up!

Finders Keepers is such a lovely market, with a great atmosphere. I've met so many of my clients and blog readers there. And honestly, I think I would go just for the compliments alone that I get on my jewellery! So fingers crossed, my application will be accepted and I will see you Brisbane folk there in November. :)

Goal 4. Make Marks Daily 

As an artist with a love of sketching and journaling, I was inspired last year by Claire's Instagram project - Make Marks Daily. And while I sketch when the mood takes me, or when I am designing for my shop or a client, turning the process in to a daily challenge has been so rewarding.

Progress: I have discovered a new relationship with my sketch book. I am getting more confidant in my designs. I have been experimenting with new mediums, like sketching jewellery with a calligraphy pen and ink. I have been learning new styles and techniques from new teachers, like Lisa Congdon, Yao Cheng and Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls. And as we all know, to improve at anything, one must practice. Allowing myself the time to do so has already had so many benefits.


It feels good, and a little scary, to write that all down in a post. Do you make similar plans for your year, and psuh yourself out of your comfort zone, or challenge yourself with new projects? What's on your list? How do you keep yourself accountable?
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