Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Reminders on living your bliss

Dinner followed by a walk along the jetty with my family

I remember writing a post some time ago about the difficulties of finding balance with three children. A needy baby, a tantruming toddler, and an unwilling six year old. The days felt stressful and each night I was exhausted. Not an unusual situation for a Mother. I was waking several times a night to feed the baby, and comfort the toddler from nightmares. I was constantly repeating myself to my school boy and frustrated by his inability to do anything I asked. I was putting pressure on myself to work more and more and feeling frustrated. I imagined myself as a three armed figure - a child holding each hand and pulling in a different direction. I was in a rut, and it felt easier to keep fighting away in that rut.

When I feel bogged down it can be hard to step back and look critically at the situation and know where to make changes. I'm blessed to have a twin sister who will listen to my whinging difficulties and remind me of simple solutions. She has a habit of being right... :)

Sleep more - I've been going to bed earlier and booking in a Sunday nap with my husband, so I'm not tired and cranky! When Mama is happy, everyone really is a lot happier.
Eat well - slowing down, taking the time to cook and meal plan and think about what I'm eating. Not just for everyone else in the family, but for me too.
Have time together as a family - getting out of the house, away from routines and chores, is the very best way for me to fully enjoy my family. Watching them play in the sand, walk along a jetty, choose books at the library, or play on a playground together fills my heart with the joy of them. While rushing to get ready for school has the opposite effect.
Have time alone - taking time out for myself was something mothers often talk about, but not something I had ever put in to practice in an intentional way. Lately I have been booking my husband in so I can take a day trip by myself for a spot of market browsing and lunch, or a night out at the movies alone. It helps me feel like Christina, and not just Mama. It gives me something to think and talk about, besides my beautiful children. And it makes me appreciate them all the more, especially when they run to meet me and ask about my adventures.

These little reminders make all the difference to me living my bliss.
Perhaps you needing reminding today too?
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