Monday, July 27, 2015

Small World After All

At the Red Hill Fair market on Saturday I had one of those moments that reminds you how small the world is. It was a family market, so we chatted with many Mums with bubs coming past to browse my stall. My twin sister and market helper, Fiona, noticed one young Mum with a pair of gorgeous Each To Own drop earrings. She commented on them. as she has quite a collection of Kirsten's work herself. We three chatted about Kirsten's dangly earrings, the conversation turned to Finders Keepers, from there to Paper Boat Press - Kylie being another amazing Brisbane creative and Finders Keepers frequent flyer. As it turned out, the girl with the amazing earrings helps Kylie with admin work! 

I gushed about how kind Kylie had been when last I visited her gallery, wearing Oscar who was only a month of two old. Kylie had generously invited me in to her own home at the back of the gallery to breastfeed my grisly baby. When I returned to the gallery space she was chatting to two women, one of whom was heavily pregnant. Then Oscar vomited up his milk. It wasn't your average baby posit. A small spit up on the shoulder like my first and second child had done. But rather the kind that ended up as dinner plate size splash on the ground. Accompanied by a comical 'splat' noise. Oscar felt better. I felt embarrassed. Kylie smiled and started helping me clean up. While the heavily pregnant woman looked on in shock. The Mama with the earrings laughed and said 'That pregnant woman was me!' I recognised her the instant she said it! We both laughed about how I had felt so embarrassed, while she had been shocked that a baby could do that. 

What a small, strange world it is indeed, when you can bump in to a stranger a year apart and tell them a story that includes them!


PS. Thanks for all the support and love at the market! It was so very good to meet so many of you. It was a thrill each time someone came past and showed me that they were wearing something I made, or told me that they followed me on Instagram. I love making those connections in real life that bridge the social media gap.
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