Saturday, July 4, 2015

Taking Stock

Ah, school holidays. The first week has passed quickly. How I have been loving the slow, cold mornings, absent the usual school routine. Laying in, pottering around in pjs, eating porridge around the table and pretending we are the the three bears and Goldilocks, drinking cups of tea - while they are still hot. Hooray! Not loving the series of petty arguments between siblings however.

The kids have been making up games, like 'Bird watching' which involves plastic binoculars, clip boards and a bird book. The new chairs and table in their cubby house make for the perfect bird watching spot. And while Cohen looks up birds in the book, Emerson draws squiqqles as she 'keeps tally' of the number of birds they have seen. I love it.

Cohen and I also started a little gratitude project at the beginning of the month. We have been talking about being thankful and how 'gratitude turns what we have in to enough'. (Quite an important lesson for a six year old who has really started to take notice of toy advertising.) I found a free printable on Pinterest with space to write each day. I am loving his reasons to be grateful so far - playing with my sister, new battery in my watch, brown sugar on porridge.

Also lately...

Making : stock for the Red Hill Fair in Brisbane later this month
Writing : My morning pages every day and loving the process
Drinking : Triple mint tea
Reading: 'The Road To Middlemarch: My Life with George Elliot' by Rebecca Mead
Dreaming: of travelling around Tasmania and tasting all the food and wine 
Looking: forward to going to Finders Keepers market this weekend!
Playing: 'Spies' with my big two little ones
Collecting: leaves, seed pods, mushrooms and flowers, while walking with the children 
Wishing: for more sleep, always more sleep
Enjoying: A rare night out ALONE with my husband
Waiting: Until my twin sister comes up later this month
Liking: Pippa's new woven rope jewellery collection
Listening: to an audio book of Liane Moriarty's novel Big Little Lies while I work, then staying up way too late because I don't want to stop listening! (Go and get a copy!)
Loving: that my thirteen month old 'baby' is standing on his own (sob)
Pondering: how long until he starts walking
Considering: how much crazier life will be once he DOES start walking
Buying: an online photography course by Kate Berry and Peta Mazey (with the code WOAH50 to bring the price down to $14.50!)
Watching: the new Jurassic Park movie and thinking I would have nightmares, but then not
Cringing: at STILL toilet training a stubborn three year old... tell me it will end
Needing: reassurance - see point above
Questioning: why siblings fight so much...
Wearing: pants, jeans, flats and a cardi with a scarf - my go to Winter clothes
Following: two new boards on Pinterest, nest and Modern Jewellery Design
Noticing: that all my favourite clothes have pockets
Waiting: for a chance to read these two sample chapters from Todd Henry's latest book, Louder than words: harness the power of your authentic voice.
Eating: at the 8 Street Market. So so good!
Admiring: All the countries that support marriage equality
Hoping: Australia follows suit soon
Sorting: through two bags of beautiful old buttons that I was recently given by a family friend
Disliking: our treatment of refugees. Our children will look back in shock at this period and the way our country treated those in need. :(
Bookmarking: the wonderful illustrations by Liekeland
Coveting: this Clementine cardigan
Giggling: at the Penguins of Madagascar cartoon series on ABC3 
Savoring: the good feelings
Snacking: constantly! Breastfeeding equals snacking.
Helping: the children make jelly and play dough
Hearing: 'Spy talk' from Cohen and Emerson as they run around the back yard

Joining in with Pip.
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