Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pick Your Own

Berries for days
Rule breaking one year one old...
$23 well spent

We are two days in to two weeks of school holidays in these parts. Holidays that I found myself particularly looking forward to as they approached. The idea of doing nothing in particular was so appealing; the six year old and I both needing a break from the school-day-routine. Some time to do nothing in particular. Sleep ins, reading in bed, long pajama clad mornings. And so it was we approached the holidays without plans, but rather a 'potter and play' attitude. 

Our first outing was a last minute whim organised with friends over the wonder of Facebook messenger, in which one can have a conversation with several people all at once (remember when that wasn't possible?) As a result three mothers guided seven children through row upon row of strawberries, and we all delighted in the chance to 'forage' for our own berries. Furthering our delight were the strawberry ice creams for the children, and the huge $6 boxes of 'small' strawberries each Mama brought home with her.

I recounted the details of our day to my husband as I hulled and froze that box of berries, and felt rich not only in strawberries, but friends, children and simple pleasures.
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